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Our Story

The Town of Westville

The town was first settled around 1800. The Town of Westville was formed from the Town of Constable in 1829.


The community has always been largely a farming community with rich clay soils in the north and sandy soils in the southern part of the town. The Salmon River meanders through the township and has always been an important part to early industry and the Town's agriculture.


In the 19th century, Westville, was largely settled by Scottish and English people who had migrated from Vermont and other parts of New England.


There were three churches in the community: Protestant, Presbyterian (located at Westville Corners; and pictured here) and Methodist/Episcopal (located in Westville Center).

Our Community

Around the time of the American Civil War, there was an influx of French-Canadians into Northern New York State and some took up farming in the community.


In the 19th Century, into the early 20th Century, there were several small industries that could be found in the community: a gristmill; butter factory; starch factory and several sawmills. Most of these industries were located on the Salmon River and used the water way for their businesses.


Over time the factories disappeared and left only farming as the stable economic activity, as it is today.

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