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Town Supervisor

About the Supervisor


Rod was born on in 1954 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada to Rodrique and Joanne (Robinson) Lauzon.


In 1992 he married Mary Emily (Larue); he has two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.



Rod attended Salmon River Central School in Fort Covington, New York

Attended SUNY Plattsburgh.

He is a US Navy Veteran and was Honorably Discharged in August 1975

Building Construction Diploma from Commercial Trades Institute in 1980



Reynolds Metals (Alcoa) from 1976 through 2007 as Lead Shift Supervisor.



25-year member of the Knights of Columbus -- Currently the Grand Knight

Member of the Fort Covington American Legion Post 1418 -- Current member of the Color Guard

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Achievements in Office

Since taking office in 2004 as the Town Supervisor, with the assistance of the Board, volunteers and the community:



  • Closed the Westville Landfill with a 1.8 million dollar grant (no cost to the Town);

  • With the assistance of Warren Gaggin, established a Westville Community Action Network (Westville CAN) -- Neighborhood Watch;

  • Westville Historical Society building -- the lumber, land and labor were all donated;

  • Westville Town Park -- three ball fields, storage area, flush toilets, pavilion, playground equipment with $36,000.00 grant;

  • Addition to the Westville Town Hall with a $35,000.00 grant (no cost to the Town);

  • Completion of 5 HUD/Housing Grants -- approximately 2 million dollars (no cost to the Town); and

  •  Verizon Wireless Cell Tower




All of these accomplishments could not have happened without the assistance of many wonderful volunteers!! Westville is rich in community spirit and pride!

Get in Touch

Rodrigue Lauzon, Town Supervisor

936 County Route 19

Constable, New York 12926


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