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Town Clerk

Ann F. Brady

Ann took office in January of 2010 and is currently serving her fourth term of office.  She is the first Clerk for the Town of Westville to have an office located within the Town Hall.  This has made the Clerk's office more accessible to the Public.


You can catch Ann at the Town Hall every Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. until Noon or if you need to make an appointment, just call or e-mail to make special arrangements.


About the Clerk


Ann was Born in Malone and is the daughter of Francis and Barbara Wood. She was raised in Westville and is one of six children (all daughters).  


Ann is a life-long resident of the Town of Westville and has been married to Shane Brady for 32 years. Together they have two children, Cody Michael (32) and Cory O'Rien (25). Cody is currently enlisted in the United States Air Force and Cory is a Mechanical Design Engineer.  Ann and her husband, Shane, became grandparents in 2020 to a bouncing baby boy, Mason Michael.  In 2023 they welcomed twin grandbabies to their family, Wyatt John and Walker Myron.  



1986 Graduate from Franklin Academy High School with a Regents Diploma

Attended SUNY Potsdam from 1986 to 1988

Obtained her Paralegal Degree in 2003



Paralegal for Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle, LLP since June of 1993

Town Clerk for the Town of Westville since January 1, 2010
Secretary for the Westville Youth Program from 1991 through 2010

Notary Public since June of 1994



US Election
Vertical File Cabinet
Vertical File Cabinet

Records Management Grant

In March of 2020 Ann submitted a grant to the New York State Archives to create a Records Storage Facility for the Town.  Due to COVID-19, the Town did not receive the grant until June of 2021.  The Town of Westville Clerk's Office received a grant of over $28,000 to create a Records Storage Facility and to go through the Town's inactive records.  This grant included funds for shelving, a heating/cooling unit and a company to come in and determine which records were to be maintained/destroyed.  All of this was done without any cost to the taxpayers of Westville.  Ann oversaw the project and created a great space to maintain the Town's official records.

Records room.jpg
Records Room - 2.jpg

Duties & Responsibilities

The Town Clerk is a notary at no charge to town residents.


The office of Town Clerk serves as a direct link between the residents and their local government. While Town Clerks are generally credited with issuing licenses, that is only a small part of this complex job. Many duties are mandated by law, but many more go well beyond those mandates as Town Clerks serve as a major source of information to all. A Town Clerk fills the following roles:


Public Relations Officer - Must be dedicated to the community, informative, patient, cheerful and compassionate, possess the ability to listen and advise, be receptive to new ideas, and able to maintain a sense of humor while performing duties in a professional manner. Generally considered the center of local government, this office conveys a lasting impression of the community to all who enter.


Recording Secretary - Authors minute books, the only official record of the activities of Town government. The resulting volumes are retained permanently for legal and historic purposes. Few individuals are entrusted with a responsibility of this magnitude.


Records Management Officer - Custodian of all Town records, responsible for active files, storage and disposition of inactive records and the careful maintenance of archival material. Administrator of the Freedom of information Law which guarantees our right to know the workings of government.


Filing Officer - Maintains records of adopted Town Ordinances and Local Laws, Town Oaths of Office, resignations, petitions, proof of publications, annual budgets, assessment rolls, fiscal reports, notices of lien, subpoena and court actions, bonds/notes registers, zoning ordinances and maps. Maintains public signboard, advertises and receives bids for purchase of Town materials, files burial permits from cemeteries located within the Town.


Licensing Officer - Issues State licenses/permits, including marriage, dog, going out of business, games of chance, bingo and handicapped parking. Issues Town licenses/permits mandated by Local Law (e.g. taxicabs, garbage collection, transient merchants/peddlers, junk dealers, parks, etc.)


Election Coordinator - In accordance with Federal and State regulations, the Town Clerk becomes the coordinator for Primary and General Elections, advising the State of vacancies for elections, overseeing polling places and equipment, election inspectors and filing of boundaries for election districts. In addition the Town clerk files official notices of registration day and polling places, oversees special Town elections, permissive or mandatory referendums and Town acquisition of property. The office of the Town Clerk serves as the source for voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications.


Registrar of Vital Statistics - Often is appointed keeper of all birth and death records within a community, issuing birth and death certificates, burial permits, as well as conducting genealogical searches.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for the upkeep of all of the Town's records. The Town Clerk issues Dog Licenses, Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates and certified copies of each. The Town Clerk also keeps on file all Burial Records. The Town Clerk is responsible for recording the minutes for each Town Board meeting.



Certified copies of Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates and Birth Certificates are available for a $10 fee per copy.


Marriage Record

Genealogy copies (uncertified copies) of the following types of records are available for genealogy research purposes:


Marriage certificates - if on file for at least 50 years and the couple are both known to be deceased.



Marriage License

A couple who intends to be married in New York State must apply in person for a marriage license. The application for a license must be signed by both parties in the presence of the clerk. A representative cannot apply for the license on behalf of the couple.

When should we get our license?

Although the marriage license is issued immediately, the marriage ceremony may not take place within 24 hours from the exact time that the license was issued. A marriage license is valid for 60 days, beginning the day after it is issued.


How much does the license cost?

The marriage license costs $40 and can be paid by check or cash. This fee includes the issuance of a Certificate of Marriage Registration. Additional Certificate of Marriage can be obtained by this office for $10 per copy.


What do we need to bring?

A Birth Certificate, Baptismal record, or Naturalization record and a Driver's license, Passport, Employment ID, or Immigration record must be provided to obtain a marriage license. Divorce papers or death certificates are also needed, if applicable.


Dog Licenses

Dogs in the Town of Westville must be licensed with the Town Clerk (358-0026). Current Rabies Certificate is required. Licenses must be renewed annually; $10 for spayed/neutered and $25 unaltered dogs.


Please bring the following documentation:

  • If the dog is spayed or neutered - a certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing that the dog has been spayed or neutered, unless this proof is already on file with the Town Clerk.


  • ALL dogs four months or older must have proof of a rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian.


  • Checks payable to the Town of Westville for the appropriate license fee.


The license will be validated for one year, and renewals will be mailed to the owner.



Handicap Vehicle Tag

Handicap tags belong to the person and not the vehicle. Therefore, the tag can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Only one tag can be issued per person.


The website below is a direct link to the Department of Motor Vehicles application for a handicap tag. Applications are also available in the Town Clerk's Office.


The form must be completed by a physician and a valid driver’s license is required.

Notary Public -- Fees

Oath of Affirmation                                    $2.00

Acknowledgment                                        $2.00

Proof of Execution                                     $2.00

Swearing Witness                                       $2.00

Protest of Note, Commercial Paper, etc.      $0.75

Each additional Notice of Protest (limit 5)    $0.10 each

Cemetery Plots

Cemetery Easements may be purchased from the Town Clerk for any of the Town Cemeteries at the cost of $200.00 per plot.


Freedom of Information Law --



Contact the Clerk

Ann F. Brady, Town Clerk

Town of Westville

4326 State Route 37

Malone, New York 12953

Telephone:  (518) 319-4305

Fax: (518) 319-4307


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